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Today’s screen sharing technology allows you to see PRECISE360 in the

comfort of your own office.

Yes, we can show you all the standard modules of quoting, turning orders into job

cards and invoices, purchasing raw materials, production planning etc. However,

we recognise that your time is at a premium and you cannot afford to waste any.

So, before we set up a time for the demonstration, we’ll call you and ask about

your expectations. We’ll let you know what is involved in getting PRECISE360 up

and running…and unlike many of the me-too brigade we’ll tell you exactly what

your investment will be.

This short discovery call ensures you don’t waste your precious time and the demonstration focuses on what you want to see. So, for a free no obligation one-to-one short conversation ring us on 01661 844864 or email us at
Simple and affordable production control for owners of precision engineering and subcontract machining operations.