Tailored Each PRECISE360 comes with the ultimate guarantee - it will work for you. “No could have”, “should have” or” would have”. If it doesn't exist, we create it. If it doesn't fit, we shape it. If it isn't needed, we remove it. If you don't know yet, we hide it. And at no extra cost to you. It has the most comprehensive set of time and cost saving features yet devised in a simple-to-operate system. It is a tool fit for purpose ...your purpose.
Feature Rich Because PRECISE360 has been designed by owners of precision engineering and subcontract machining operations, it comes with a kaleidoscope of functionality that you can only build if you have spent time on the factory floor.
Integration PRECISE360 seamlessly integrates with all of your existing software tools. Microsoft Outlook for emailing, Microsoft Excel for data analysis Microsoft Word to support sales Automatic creation of PDF documents Bar code scanning for capturing shop floor time Touchscreen technology for time & attendance Hyperlinks to existing folders & files Output to accounting, Xero, SAGE, QuickBooks, Exchequer and many more

Fit for Purpose

Having a cast iron guarantee that PRECISE360 will work exclusively for you pays massive dividents. Just ask Michael at Rochdale Production Services and how it handles the unique way he raises and manages purchase orders to subcontractors.

Useful Tools

Shopfloor data capture Drawings & Document Management QC for API certified offshore engineering specialists Production scheduling Small tools bar coding stock & usage Personnel database Nominal ledge cost centre updating

Industry Standard

PRECISE360 runs on the industry standard Windows platform, whether that be single user, a small peer-to-peer network, or a full server operating system. The most popular configurations are 4 and 8 users. We are just about to install it in the Cloud for a multiple company group.
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Simple and affordable production control for owners of precision engineering and subcontract machining operations.