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Why Us
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Evaluating manufacturing software and whether it will improve your

business performance can be confusing.

Once you have looked at two or three, you get the feeling of sameness.

Their web sites look the same, they all claim to be the best, and they all show the logos of

clients who use their system. To a very negligible respect, PRECISE360 is no different.

However, the two things that separates us from the me-to brigade is we tailor our solution

to exclusively suit your unique business. Secondly, we guarantee it will work for you. If it

won’t, we’ll tell you. If we, can we will direct you to something else which is more suited.

You see one of the massive failings of modern software, especially when it is wrapped up in a so called “package” is it includes a lot of functionality that is totally irrelevant to how you do business. This adds to complexity which makes using the software unwieldy and frustrating.All that mouse clicking and screen flitting. Ironically not only do you get functionality you don’t need or will ever use; you don’t get the functionality you could use. Another problem with the me-to vendors is they sell on the extremely weak logic that if it works for this subcontract machine shop, or that precision engineering firm it will work for you. Yes, there is a general likeness but your way of doing things is unique to you. Is it not better to invest in operational software where you, your staff and your business get the maximum benefits from simplicity, streamlining and significant time savings? Give us a call or email us and tell us the one or two key quick returns you expect from your investment in manufacturing software. We promise to listen attentively and if we can, we’ll come back in a couple of days and show you how PRECISE360 will enable you to meet, if not surpass your expectations.
Simple and affordable production control for owners of precision engineering and subcontract machining operations.